Learners Success Stories

Not everyone has the opportunity to achieve their dreams. For some the hindrances maybe financial, sometimes family pressures or maybe just the lack of confidence in one’s own ability. One such area is how well you converse in English. People are realizing the growing importance of using English as a mode of communication for their growth both at a personal and professional level. Teach India has been striving to help in this area by providing Spoken English classes to young individuals in order to better their earning prospects. For some it has made their dreams come true while for some it has been a stepping stone towards their goal….
   Shweta was a diligent student and aspired to be a teacher. She performed well in all subjects except English. After failing her Class 10th English board exam, she lost all hope of ever grasping it. On learning about the Teach India Spoken English program, one of her friends advised her to join. Since then she has never looked back. She gained her confidence back, has greater command over the language and developed good communication skills. She now works in the same NGO (Aradhya NGO) where she was a learner initially, as the Head Counselor, helping people just like her. She is forever grateful to her teacher, Mr. Bhaskar, who motivated her by organizing various declamations and providing a platform to converse more in English. She was able to achieve her dream and  is now helping others achieve theirs.

  Right after her 12thexams, Sheetal joined Teach India. Maybe she envisaged that it would help her and truly it did. She felt the entire program was very informative and motivating. She is now working with Sherman Hospitality & Services and earning Rs. 11,000 plus incentives. She is not only bearing her own expenses but also that of her family. They couldn’t be more proud of her. Drawing inspiration from her, her elder brother who was looking for jobs, also joined Teach India in order to better his prospects.

  Ravi, after completing his graduation, aspired to be an actor, but had second thoughts due to his lack of command over English. Upon learning about Teach India’s Spoken English program, he decided to join. Little did he know how it was going to help him. He loved how his teacher, Mr.Chopra, made him understand the basic concepts of English. He not only gained fluency over the language but was also able to grab a job through the Job Fair.
He is now working with CCD, Rajouri earning 9000 per month and pursuing theatre side by side.
  Rejection is something that breaks our heart. Being rejected in various job interviews, Uzma felt inept and dejected. Her B.A. program wasn’t enough to land her a job. With a family of five, her father being a retired man & her brother working as a carpenter and getting paid erratically, the income just wasn’t enough to suffice them. Then one day she signed up for Teach India Spoken English program and voila! she could understand it much better. She exclaims “The faculty was so good that she couldn’t help but attend the classes.” Her teacher returns the compliment by adding Uzma herself was a dedicated student and paid acute attention in class. She feared the language earlier but now it’s in the palm of her hands. She points out, that, the games interwoven with the course helped her get over                                                     her hesitation and come out of her shell.
                                              Now she is making close to Rs. 7000 per month, working in Café                                                Coffee Day and is extremely happy for herself.
  Narayan’s dream was to be a Mechanical Engineer. He was lucky enough to complete his schooling but the apparent financial problems of his family made him take up a job to help out and he had to let go of his dream in the process. He joined Teach India in order to increase his earning prospects. Due to the interactive teaching methods and the efforts of the teacher he was able to bag a lucrative job opportunity as a Crew Trainer at Mc. Donald’s, Palam and is now expecting a promotion as the Floor Manager. He may not have achieved his initial dream but he is determined to advance his career. He wants to make sure that his two younger brothers will be able to achieve their dream, of becoming an Engineer.
 Teach India has helped him and he wants others like him to join                                              and benefit from it.

  Saddam lost both his parents in an unfortunate accident. Being an only child he had nothing to look forward to. He was shattered but didn’t want to burden anyone and thus decided to join Teach India classes in the hopes of finding a job. He applauds Teach India for supporting him during the hard times and helping him improve his communication skills in English. Fate dealt him a hard hand but he was able to overcome it. He now works in a departmental store and is self-reliant. 

  Kavita is happily working in an Automobile parts manufacturing company, earning Rs 12,000 per month. This was not her situation earlier. Due to his meagre income from the grocery shop, her father was unable to support her higher education and forced her to get married. However, she was determined to pursue B. Com and be an Accountant. Teach India came to her rescue by improving her vocabulary skills in English and providing her with a job. Her family now lives in a better rented accommodation.
She and her family feel indebted to Teach India for helping them and making their lives better.


  Yamini, a 19 year old, just started to work with Dominos. She always wanted to be an Air Hostess and successfully cleared her exams too. However the exorbitant amount required for training deterred her. She had lost her father long time back and her mother’s income from working in a packaging company wasn’t enough to cover it. She could feel her dream slipping through her hands. Her friend then informed her about Teach India’s Spoken English course and she decided to enroll, just to brush up her English speaking skills. In the job fair that was held afterwards she was able to land a job. Now she works and saves money for training all on her own. On asking how she feels, she exclaims, “Thank you Teach India. I’m very happy! It’s a good place to work too. I’ll work with this company till I can save                                                        enough money for my training.”  

                     “Until you spread your wings, you will have no idea how far you can fly”

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