What is Teach India?


Teach India is a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of The Times of India. With the British Council as its knowledge partner, the initiative is implemented on ground through the partner NGOs. Currently operational in Delhi/NCR and Mumbai, the initiative focuses on promoting volunteerism and imparting spoken English skills to underprivileged youth to enhance their employability.



Just 2 hours a day, 3 days a week for 100 days: As a Teach India volunteer, you pledge to teach for 2 hours a day, 3 alternate days a week for 100 days and also commit to 10 days of mandatory training under British Council and TOI.



The initiative is implemented on the ground by dedicated partner NGOs, working mostly in underdeveloped urban sections. An important pillar of Teach India in reaching out to the target beneficiaries, the partner NGOs are responsible for organizing the spoken English classes, getting the learners in the classrooms, and managing the day-to-day affairs at the teaching center.




British Council has been brought on board for designing the curriculum and training the volunteer teachers. It has designed a special 56 hour fun filled yet rigorous workshop for our volunteer teachers, keeping in mind their diverse backgrounds. British Council has also designed a 120 hour curriculum for our learner centered classroom, keeping in mind the present language levels of the target underprivileged youth and the spoken English requirements of potential employers.

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